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Vegetation Management

Tree Lopping & Weed Control

Savco have crews of experienced operators who can assist you with any tree lopping or weed control requirements.


Services include:


  • tree maintenance & removal


  • tree surgery


  • stump grinding


  • mulching services


  • chemical application on noxious weeds

Stump Grinding

After trees have been pruned or removed it's important to remove the stump because they can pose potential problems including:


  • fungi - stumps are a know source of attracting fungi which can infect nearby trees

  • termites - are a great source of food and provide a home for termites

  • trip hazard - are a potential trip hazard


Stump Grinding is chemical free and environmentally friendly.


Stump Grinding machine
Mulching Services

Savco have a fleet of mobile mulching machines which can handle any size green waste.


Mulch is ideal to place around your trees and gardens as it helps to retain the moisture in the soil, slows down the growth of weeds and can add nutrition back into the soil.


Please ask our staff if you would like the mulch to be left onsite.


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